Adiponectin and BAT



Nils Grimbeck


Göteborgs Högre Samskola




Adiponectin and BAT – Structure and Morphology of Brown Adipose Tissue in Adiponectin Transgenic Mice.

In recent years, it has been shown that adiponectin (ApN) is highly involved in several metabolic processes that overall increase systemic insulin sensitivity. Moreover, brown adipose tissue (BAT) has a substantial ability for nutrient and energy dissipation through uncoupling of the respiratory chain. Increased activation of BAT may thus have the potential to counteract obesity and metabolic diseases. Using a mouse model overexpressing ApN, this pre-study investigates correlations between elevated ApN levels and BAT structure. The results show that mice overexpressing ApN increased their BAT mass prenatally and developed fibrosis with age. A potential side effect of ApN replacement therapy has thus been found. The results also suggest a potential ApN-pathway which stimulates differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells leading to an increased number of adipocytes but also increased collagen production in adulthood. A new area of research in mechanisms of obesity has hence been identified.


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