An Investigation into Eddy Current Braking



Filip Henriksson


Frankfurt International School




One of the world’s greatest challenges is development in clean energy and electricity. Whilst learning about current energy harvesting methods, I discovered the interesting physics behind electric generators and their dependence on electromagnetic induction. I found this topic very intriguing, specifically I chose to learn more about the equations and theory behind electromagnetic induction by experimenting with magnets falling down pipes of different materials. A key challenge with eddy current braking is tuning the magnets and system to achieve a desired braking effect, this led me to form the research: How does increasing the number of cylindrical neodymium magnets affect their terminal velocity when free-falling down different conductive pipes made of copper, aluminium and brass? The importance of this technology is wide reaching, ranging from essential safety applications in trains, power tools, rollercoasters and many more to the efficiency of our energy harvesting methods.


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