Self-driving vehicles

Self-driving vehicles

Self-driving cars are no longer confined to science fiction movies; they´re becoming a reality. Technological breakthroughs such as 5G connectivity and AI are behind the phenomenon, and are making it possible for cars to drive themselves. Today, Advanced Driver Support Systems (ADAS) technology is already helping drivers avoid accidents, but this is just the beginning of a safe-road revolution. Today up to 95% of road accidents are caused by driver´s mistakes and miscalculations. By applying predictive models to real time data, driverless cars will greatly reduce the impact of human error. Watch our videos about “Self-driving vehicles” to learn more.

Autonomous parking

Autonomous parking can minimize incidents in parking garages, leading to increased safety and reduced damage. It also saves time and parking space for car manufacturers as cars roll off the production line.


5G ride

Efficient and clean public transport that is accessible to many, is an essential part of a smart city. Autonomous, electric buses can help meet the demand for a transport system like that. Self-driving vehicles become safer and more efficient when they are connected and can be controlled in a smart and intelligent way. 5G together with the control tower makes this possible..

Watch the video about the 5G ride trial on Djurgården.


Pedestrian alert

A distracted pedestrian is warned about an approaching vehicle through his smartphone. The driver of the vehicle also gets a warning about a pedestrian heading towards or close to the road. When the pedestrian is visible from the vehicle, AR technology is used to enhance visibility and warnings about pedestrians close to the vehicle. Thanks to eye-tracking technology, the system can even adjust the warning to the vehicle driver, assessing whether the driver has likely seen the pedestrian, or not.

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